Camtasia Sluggish Editing Fixed

Camtasia Sluggish Editing Fixed

by on 28/08/2013

Camtasia Studio Sluggish
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The Camtasia sluggish editing problem I had was fixed by Camtasia support. (To an extent… but it was too little too late: see Camtasia vs Sony Vegas.)

Basically, Camtasia is limited in the size of file it can handle. You have to be aware of the size of the “camproj” file Camtasia creates as you are editing. Apparently if this exceeds 700 kb you are going to have problems. This sounds a bit limiting to me but I will have to see how much editing I can do before the file exceeds this size.

My file did have a LOT of edits in it – I’ll probably never have that many again.

So I’ll keep an eye on the camproj file in future and hope I can adjust my working methods OK. Otherwise it’s learning Sony Vegas for me.

The Word From Camtasia Support

Support said:

“The reason the project is crashing is due to the sheer size of the camproj file; we consider “large” projects to run around the 600KB to 700KB mark and your project is just under 13MB. Unless I miss my guess, you are making a significant number of audio edits, correct? When it comes to editing audio you will want to edit the audio in stages; as an example if you have an hour long video you need to edit we recommend splitting that hour long video into four 15-minute sections and saving each section as a separate project. Once each section is edited you will want to produce them and then add all four produced files to a new project and continue editing the visual elements (i.e. the callouts/quizzes/transitions, etc.)”

[Edit: Yeah, but that’s rubbish, yeah?]

So now you know!

At least it’s good to know what the problem was so I can watch out for it next time. It certainly makes sense. But I have lingering feeling that Sony Vegas will make better use of the resources of my computer than Camtasia is doing at the moment. [Edit: Correct!]

Frustration Continues…

It’s frustrating that I’ve set out to have a high spec computer and then a hefty program like Camtasia won’t make use of it.

Why isn’t Internet marketing easier? LOL.

[If you are doing few edits, Camtasia is fine. But I’m not doing few edits! So find out why I switched here. ]
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