Who is the Best Email Provider?

Who is the Best Email Provider?

by on 19/02/2014

Best email provider
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The best email provider is, short answer – Ontraport.

I’ll cover the reasons why, below. But, unless you are earning at least $200 a month from email marketing Ontraport is probably overkill for you.

If you are earning over $200 a month then getting Ontraport is a ‘no-brainer’ – because it can quickly double your income. It will do this – taking only 5 minutes per email – by almost doubling the number of people reading it.

Is this magic? No!

Ontraport doubles your open rates because you can easily set it to resend an email 1, 2 or 3 days later to people who didn’t open it the first time around. And for my emails, that results in an average of 75% more people opening – and often it’s 100%.

Ontraport not only enables you to do this easily, but it’s also very user friendly in other ways, compared to Aweber, GetResponse, Infusionsoft and MailChimp.

This is what makes it the best email provider.

So, if you are earning over $200 a month, hurry and get it! And if you are currently far from that figure then do remember my recommendation for when you are closer.

Here is a more detailed review of Ontraport.

So, let’s have a look at the other options for an emailing service.

Lower Cost Email Marketing Services

There are many email marketing services around and it can be difficult to choose between them.

The most important thing about email providers is that your “deliverability” needs to be good.

In other words, yo­ur email needs to get through to the person’s inbox. The risk is that too many of your emails are either sent to the user’s personal spam box – or get cut out by the ISP at the server and don’t even get delivered.

The second important thing for email providers is the features offered.

For example, once you are past very basic emailing, you’ll want to get signups onto two or more lists. It’s useful to have a “master list” with everyone in a niche on it, then sub-lists so you know which signup page, or other source, they came from.

Whereas with Ontraport this is as easy as automatically adding two tags to the contact record, with the second-level providers this is usually unsatisfactory because any or all of the following may happen:

  • The contact will have to double opt-in for both lists!
  • You are charged per contact – so will be charged for both lists
  • You may need a coder to help you get what you want done

Email services do change and develop – so, although you can be pretty sure they will be awkward and restrictive, check their knowledge bases – linked below – to find out how they do it currently.


In testing, Aweber consistently comes out well in terms of deliverability. It’s also beloved by very many Internet marketers. So I will make it my top recommendation – until you are ready for Ontraport.

Aweber is a bit quirky. This means that if you don’t use a certain feature regularly, next time you want it, it can take a bit of hunting around to find it.

Aweber is a reliable emailing service which is very well established. It is reasonably priced until your list gets very big – say over 25,000. (You should have moved over to Ontraport well before this time, though.)

None of the second level email marketing services are as easy to use as Ontraport. In fact, they are all a bit confusing – even Aweber.

Aweber Features

Aweber allows you to filter your contacts. So, for example, you can see who opened the last email you sent out.

But it’s a fiddle: and there’s no automatic resending of an email to people who didn’t open your last one. It has to be done manually if you bother doing it. It’s usually not worth the time and the hassle of doing it.

If somebody adds their email from two different squeeze pages of yours you can choose to add them to two different lists on Aweber. It is possible to end up with a person on three, four or more different lists within Aweber – and you will then be paying for one person three or four times. This will send you into the next charging bracket earlier than would have happened.

Aweber knowledgebase – to find out their current features.


MailChimp has not got such a strong reputation as Aweber. But it is one of the professional email marketing services and is well worth considering if you are really on a very tight budget. There is a free account you can get with MailChimp, which is for up to 2000 subscribers and a total of 12,000 emails a month.

Mailchimp knowledgebase – to find out their current features.

Ontraport – the Best Email Provider

So, back to Ontraport – my favourite of the email services by far!

For me, Ontraport has three specific features which make it easily the best email marketing service on the web.

1.      It’s very user friendly

Ontraport is a delight to use. You have to get to know where things are little bit, but the learning curve is not steep.

And the support desk staff (it’s open for extended work hours, including Sunday mornings) is very knowledgeable about the email marketing features.

2.      Contact Tags

If someone submits their email address into a form or squeeze page you have created, Ontraport creates a new record for them. You can embed “tags” into your form so that the contact record has these tags added to it.

These tags can tell you which page the person came from, which product they bought, which email sequence you sent them, whether they are a customer or prospect, etc etc – just about anything you want.

Then, you can select people based on any combination of tags. This is hugely valuable. As you will see in the next section.

3.      If/Then Rules

These are at the heart of Ontraport.

You can set an instruction saying: “If a specific condition is met then take the following action”.

One example would be: “When the recipient has been sent the last email in series A, add them to series B”.

Another could be: “if anyone has not opened this email within two days after I send it, then resend it with the second subject line I have specified”.

For completeness, here’s a link to the Ontraport knowledgebase. But the basic answer to “can you do it?”, is: “Yes to nearly everything: and if not you can code it to be done.”

4.      Grown up Marketing

A fourth specific feature (I know I said three!) for liking it, is that Ontraport really treat you “like a grown up”. I’m being a little facetious here: but I am making an important point.

If you want to do something out of the ordinary with Aweber or Mailchimp the answer, too often, is: “No”. But with Ontraport, the answer is usually: “Yes – as long as you show that you know what you are doing”.

For example, if you want a single opt-in list, you have complete freedom to choose that with Ontraport –  but if your complaint rate or unsubscribe rate for that list goes above a certain, low level, they’ll be chasing you. Which is fair enough, really.

At the present time, Aweber allows single opt-in but only if you drill down – and it has strong warnings against it. Mailchimp does not allow single opt-in at all. Check their knowledgebases for up to date information.

OK – super-power users may find Ontraport frustrating if they want to do massive customisations. But 99.9% of us will find it fully-featured and nice and easy to use.

Ontraport Rocks

These features are what really make Ontraport rock. Once you have worked with Ontraport for a month or two there is no going back; it’s that good.

Aweber is fine when you are starting out, but fiddly and restrictive.

HeyMalc Ontraport Review

When you want the best email provider, you need look no further than Ontraport. It’s a pleasure to use, and has very powerful features built-in. Deliverability (the number of emails getting through to people) is extremely good, as is the telephone support desk which is open for extended working hours.

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