Avoid Email Bloat – Save 30 Minutes A Day

Avoid Email Bloat – Save 30 Minutes A Day

by on 08/03/2011

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To save email bloat, users of Outlook, Gmail, and most other email clients can use this method to quickly clear out all the rubbish which bloats all our email accounts. You can also use this method with any other email solution which 1. Lets you have rules and 2. Lets you create a second Inbox – or a sub folder in your Inbox.

The basic method is to separate out:

1. Urgent emails – those which you want to see as soon as they come in. Or at least, those which you would not want to leave for a day, or even two, before you saw them and took some action.

2. Important emails – but not urgent. Those which it doesn’t really matter if you see today – or you don’t see until tomorrow. Emails about theatre shows or sports events or music concerts: emails reminding you to renew your insurance in two weeks: marketing emails which you want to see – but which are not urgent, and so on.

With Outlook you can create a second Inbox easily, and then quickly set up a rule to plonk these emails into the secondary Inbox. This takes just 15 seconds per email to set up the rule: then all future emails from that sender will go straight to the secondary Inbox.

While you are at it – take the time to unsubscribe to those emails which are really not that necessary any more. That will save you even more time 🙂

Finally, if you are finding it hard to unsubscribe from some emails, or if they don’t seem to unsubscribe you after repeated attempts: or if you are getting repeated spam from one sender which is getting past your spam checker, use the rule feature to send these emails to ‘deleted’ (or your ‘spam’ folder).

I do loads of things to try to use my time more efficiently, but it’s not often one thing will save me 20-30 minutes a day.

This did! It’s great.

The video below takes you through the complete method.

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