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About Malc

by on 04/10/2010

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Who Is: Malcolm Simmonds


A levels (secondary education) in Accountancy, Law, Economics, British Constitution, Biology, Chemistry
Degree in Acupuncture (I practised this from 1982-1994)

Herbal Manufacturing/Mail Order Business

I set up Specialist Herbal Supplies (SHS) in 1987.

  • “SHS” turns over £350,000 (approx $500,000) per year offline/online
  • We have 7 staff at my factory in Portslade, near Brighton, UK
  • I am MD, determining overall strategy
  • My daughter, Shelley, is Operations Manager and she and the “SHS team” run the business day-to-day
  • SHS is a very friendly and happy place to work and we transfer this feeling to our customers through excellent customer service including unlimited advice and support which they often tell us they love

Internet Marketing

I enjoy internet marketing  very much – I just think it’s great fun (if sometimes frustrating 😐 ).

Having generated tens of thousands of visitors to my health websites over the years, in recent times I have applied myself more to the internet marketing niche itself, particularly the “make money online” sub-niche.

2012-13 – I have applied my IM knowledge and called on advisors to help give me traction in this super-competitive niche. First, I launched a   WSO (“Warrior Special Offer”) as proof-of-concept for my product – helping newbies to get themselves organised online (“Get Organised Now”).  There will soon be a follow-up launch of the same product at a higher price point – I am working on enhancements.

My wish is to identify would-be internet marketers who are: 1. sick of broken promises and finding it tough to succeed, but also 2. still as hungry as ever for success. I aim to help as many as possible to succeed. There are many people selling methods to make you successful: I aim to separate the good from the mediocre – or bad – and to give advice and guidance as to how to apply the good ones to your own situation.

2010-11 – I set up the HeyMalc membership site and acquired 700 members over 3-4 months.

2010-11 – I assisted, and later presented (on SEO) in 7 -8 IM seminars/mastermind days in the UK, with from 10 to 100 attendees.

2010 – I was Operations Manager for UK marketer Chris Freville on a number one Clickbank launch. It gave me great experience. I consulted with Chris on customer service strategy, managed the helpdesk, moderated the forum, created 40+ “how to” videos, and assisted on webinars including some co-hosting. We still keep in close touch.

2010 – Outsourcing: systemized a process for building Adsense sites and recruited 3 Filipino outsourcers, full-time, to action it.

1999 – I created my first website for “SHS”, writing it myself in raw html. I did various SEO work to get traffic, now getting around 40,000 total visitors a month.

Malc playing tennis


I travel quite a lot and have been to Colorado, California, Cuba, Seville, Berlin, Biarritz and walked down the Grand Canyon in the past few years.

In 2013 I travelled to Peru including a trek to Machu Pichu and also spent a week in the incredible area of Cappadoccia in Turkey.

I also go to the beautiful Lake District in the UK every year.

And to get exercise, I do love interrupting my work day for a good game of tennis! I play 2-3 times most weeks.