Choose a Good Money Making System to Make Money Online

Choose a Good Money Making System to Make Money Online

by on 17/12/2013

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Aplying a money making system which has been proven to work in practice is the best way to be successful online.

The fact is that most people trying to make money online fail – the huge majority. Following a system of making money closely until you are successful is a very much more promising approach.

Doing this you avoid the blind alleys that suck so many marketers in and waste their time.

Choose Your Money Making System

So, here are my top choices. Any one of these can lead you to success. Choose the one that appeals to you and focus on it with all your time.

Google Sniper 2

The originGoogle Sniper 2.0 reviewal Google sniper was launched by George Brown when he was only 19 years old. It was a huge success.

The re-launched version – Google Sniper 2.0 – adds extra methods for getting traffic.

The whole idea of “Sniper Sites” is that you need to do little or no work to get traffic thanks to the keywords you choose to optimise for.

I strongly recommend you get the upsell which is a guy called Anthony showing you exactly how he builds a Sniper site. This is really valuable: if there actually is such a thing as online money making made easy, this is it. Anthony built Sniper site after Sniper site until, by 2011, he was making over $10,000 a month. Today his monthly earnings are a good deal higher, no doubt.

My summary: The Google Sniper 2.0 system gives you a single, very simple, money-making system which lets you churn out sites fast, some of which are definitely going to fly. Those are the ones that make you your money.

Google Sniper 2.0
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Site Build-It

Ken Evoy was one of the first teachers I had online. Back in the early 2000’s, he produced some incredible training – very comprehensive and actionable. This included training on ways to make money online.

Site Build-It ReviewKen has always aimed at helping newbies. With his Site Build-It system he makes the whole business of internet marketing “plug and play”. You simply follow his Action Guide which is available in video, text or mobile versions. You choose your niche, with his help, and then build your business using the tools he provides.

There is ample support from Ken all through the busy Site Build-It community. Ken provides all the hosting so you don’t even need to worry about that. And he really holds your hand every step of the way.

Finally he has the best guarantee in the industry – use Site Build-It for 90 days and if you don’t like it you get a full refund.

My summary: Ken Evoy specialises in making it super-easy for the beginner. He takes away every confusion: and trains in-depth and in an easy-to-understand way on everything you could possibly want to know.

Add to this a 90-day no-quibble guarantee, and you have a great system which also has a powerful support community.

Site Build-It

Chris Farrell Membership

Chris Farrell is the most popular man online according to the popular IMReportCard, whose users vote Chris as the number one personality and the Chris Farrell Membership as the number one service online. That’s quite a recommendation!

Chris has a very relaxed style and loves making training videos. There are over 1000 on his site.

He gives very systematic training on his site from the ground up on ways to make money online. Chris Farrell Membership reviewHe has a very busy forum and he is often in there giving help – either answering questions or, often, recording short videos to answer members’ questions.

Many people have found success with Chris’s training on making money selling affiliate products.

My summary: The Chris Farrell Membership is one of the most popular trainings online. And it’s easy to see why – he has the best interests of his members at heart and he is very friendly and accessible.

Chris gives terrific training with a strong support forum.

Chris Farrell Membership
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Gain Higher Ground

Rob Cornish is a successful marketer who uses a variety of money making systems to make money. These include affiliate marketing but also he’s found a way to make money from creating simple software.

Rob teaches all these methods within his low-cost membership site, Gain Higher Ground. Gain Higher Ground Review

Rob is a very decent guy – I know him personally – and he really is not money motivated. He’s definitely not a greedy person. He’s more than happy to chat to his members and is very accessible.

So if you like personal hand-holding I’d get into Gain Higher Ground while it’s still much smaller and more intimate than, say, the Chris Farrell Membership which is massive. You will get access to Rob’s personal advice as you apply his well thought through training.

In time Gain Higher Ground will grow: so get in now, at the ground level.

My summary: Rob Cornish teaches a number of different methods of making money online all of which he also uses himself. He teaches you all of these in the membership and he is easily accessible to talk to personally through his forum.

He is also available off-line; I see him two or three times a year at various events and he is always friendly and happy to chat. This is good, solid training from somone who has your best interests at heart.

Gain Higher Ground

Six Months From Today

Chad Hamzeh and Will Haimerl are experts in “CPA” – cost per action advertising. CPA is where you find products you want to advertise – using advertising networks – and then pay to place them on busy sites. Chad is also author of the leading paid-traffic training, Traffic Black Book.

This is different from most of the other recommended systems for making money on this page, which are generally based around affiliate marketing – making commission from selling other people’s products. Six Months From TodayThe profit comes from making more commission on products you sell than it costs you to advertise.

Six Months From Today teaches that the real success with CPA is when you find an offer that really converts makes you money and then you really hammer it is in – spend a lot more money on it – in the sure knowledge that your testing has shown that you are going to make a lot more profit.

So, CPA is all about identifying winners (in terms of your return on investment) and then reaping maximum income from that discovery, as long as it lasts.

There is a lot of testing and measuring with CPA so you need to be comfortable with figure work and Excel spreadsheets. Once you find a gem – and Six Months From Today will help you do so – you can make a fortune in the space of a few weeks.

My summary: Chad is widely acknowledged as one of the top masters in CPA and Six Months From Today is definitely some of the best training around on the topic. Mastering CPA would definitely put regular money in your bank account. And Chad (and his partner Will) are the two people to help you do this.

Being able to take advantage of CPA is a great skill to have. You can use it alongside your affiliate marketing (to send paid traffic to your sales pages and sell products/build your list – this is what Chad’s Traffic Black Book is all about) or use it just by itself as your main source of income.

Six Months From Today

Stick With Your Money Making System

Finding a money making system that suits you takes a little research: but it is essential if you are to make money online. I have bought together the best money making systems I know to help make the job a little easier.

As I say repeatedly: you are much more likely to make money online if you choose a trustworthy system and stick to it; rather than trying to work it out for yourself – when you are very likely to flit from project to project never really making any money at all.

Please: choose one money making system and keep with it – until you are finally making money! And all the systems on this page are good places to start; in fact, the best place to start I know.