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48 Hour Report

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Teaches you how to systematically produce an enticing info-product – article, report or ebook - much faster than you could ever imagine.

Do you ever wish you could produce:

  • An article at super-fast speed?
  • A clear, informative and valuable free report to get folks to sign up for your list?
  • An e-book you can list on ClickBank – so you can make some cash?

Of course you do! You’re an Internet marketer! That’s why you need Jason Fladlien’s 48 Hour Report.

This product teaches you how to systematically, step-by-step produce an enticing info-product – and all much faster than you could ever imagine.

Learn to Write Better, Faster

We can all write something! And nearly all of us have the ability to write, say, a 1-page article.

But how brilliant would it be if we had a system for writing anything – from a 1- page article right up to a complete e-book – quickly, easily, and in a style which was compelling for the reader?

That’s what 48 Hour Report teaches you to do: to become a writing automaton, churning out compelling copy on demand.

So you can write interesting blog posts, free reports to squeeze people’s emails out of them, and even whole ebooks which you can sell.

This is a massive achievement, which is easily attainable if you follow Jason Fladlien’s system in this course. You will become more confident in your own skills, more admired by your peers, and develop a valuable skill which will last you a lifetime. Never doubt your writing skills again!

How Does This System Work?

48 Hour Report teaches you, step by step, a scientific method that anyone can learn. After learning it you will be able to produce electrifying content on demand – because it will press everyone’s buttons, however they like to learn.

The science Fladlien’s system is based on is that of Dr Bernice McCarthy. Basing her research on pioneers of psychology including Carl Jung, she described in detail the four major learning styles we all share.

By making sure that your writing will appeal to each of those four learning styles, you will automatically be writing for, and appealing to, the widest possible audience.

With a little practice you can train yourself to automatically follow this writing system such that your articles and reports will virtually write themselves.

mccarthy-chartThe Four Learning Styles

McCarthy described learning as going through four stages: Why, What, How, and What if.

When learning new material we all go progressively through these four learning stages. But, also, most of us naturally lean more heavily on one learning stage than the other three.

By writing for all four styles in turn, we cover all bases: and answer all our readers internal questions.

The Why stage

This is when we, or our readers, initially engage with the material. In our writing, this is the stage at which we will need to grab the reader’s interest.

The What stage

Here, we all need to get our heads around the concepts and principles of the subject matter. This is where step-by-step instructions are needed to achieve the promised results.

The How stage:

The how stage is all about practicing new skills.

If you just give people a list of instructions, most of them won’t do it. So to get the majority on board, you must encourage them by giving extra practice methods. Fladlien also gives an extra tip of his own, here, which is great: he describes to you how to do “ghost coaching”.

Ghost coaching will get extra results for another chunk of your readers who might otherwise have failed to complete the training.

The What If stage

This is the review stage when the reader can ask: “What if I did it this way?”, “What if I did it that way?”, “What can I do next”, or “What can I do extra?”.

This is a time of experimenting and pushing the boundaries. By encouraging the reader to do this, they will get the most out of the learning.

Cover all these four bases and you will be teaching in the most effective way possible.

48 Hour Report

Applying This Method

Fladlien takes you step-by-step through this training, identifying problem points and giving new solutions to them and giving plentiful examples in the process.

If you follow his process right through from beginning to end, you will soon be writing interesting and useful material in a fraction of the time it takes you now.

We All Need Content

if we are to create and maintain a close relationship with ad visitors and list members we need to get good at writing. You can outsource just about everything in your Internet marketing work – apart from the writing. People get to know and like you through your writing.

If you can write engagingly and quickly that is worth a fortune. Jason Fladlien’s 48 Hour Report is the best way I have found to teach you to write good and engaging content quickly.

How to Make It Work

If you buy this course and don’t use it, then obviously it won’t work for you! So please buy it and immediately schedule a time to go through it and to apply it.

The best way is to use it to write short pieces of copy first – like blog posts or one page articles.

The next problem is, buying the course, going through it once, using it once, and then never using it again. That would be a tragedy!

What you need to do is to buy this course, go through it once and then commit to applying it six times to write six pieces of content – short ones, as I said above.

By the time you’ve written six pieces of content. This method will be a habit for you and you will never look back.

You will then have the confidence to write longer pieces as you need them.

Jason Fladlien’s 48 Hour Report

Get Writing!

As soon as you put this training into action you will see the huge possibilities of producing compelling content for your own blog, for guest posts, and for ebooks which you can sell.

The first benefit of 48 Hour Report is knowing that you can write interesting material whenever you need it.

The second benefit is knowing that you can do this in a short time, with minimal editing, because you have a scientific system to follow.

The more you practice, the better you will get.

The Final Review

The final tip to getting the maximum from this training is to review each time you use it.

Each time you practice, spend five minutes afterwards analysing what went well and what didn’t go so well. Then incorporate this in your next practice session.

This vital step will set you apart from 95% of all learners. And you will get at least ten times the amount from the training.

I’m not exaggerating here – do a 5 minute reviewing for the first six times will be the difference between learning a few useful tips, and complete mastery of the writing process.

After six times you will be an expert, and you will see your confidence in writing leap.

Get Jason Fladlien’s 48 Hour Report