3 podcasts you won’t want to miss

3 podcasts you won’t want to miss

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by on 08/12/2012

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Podcasts can be a fantastic way of getting information which you would otherwise miss. And they are a great way of using time which would otherwise go to waste.

For example, the drive to my partner’s house takes 15-20 minutes so that’s 2-3 hours a week I spend in the car. What more perfect time to listen to informative podcasts?

Similarly, if you are a gym sort of person – this could be a great time to listen to a good podcast on your MP3 player.

After some trial and error I finally found 3 brilliant podcasts which I love – and which anyone involved in internet marketing will love too.

Have you got any other top quality podcasts you’d like to share? If so, please put them in the comments below and let us all know about them.


Hi there this is Malc from HeyMalc.

As you know, I’m a big fan of using your time efficiently. One thing I like to do is make good use of dead time – in other words, time when your brain is not particularly engaged, and you could be listening to something educational. To me, that is the perfect time to listen to podcasts – which are just MP3s. For myself, sometimes I listen to current affairs podcasts and other times I like to listen to podcasts related to internet marketing.

On the internet marketing front, finding podcasts which are all well produced, informative, interesting and just worth listening to has been a bit of a challenge, I have to admit. But recently I’ve actually found three which are truly excellent and which I strongly recommend to you.

Now the first one focuses on social media which regular readers of my blog will also know that I’m very focused on myself at the moment because marketing is strongly headed in that direction right now. So the first podcast is particularly useful. And that is the podcast from Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner. Michael really does walk his talk because he’s got very very popular blog – you don’t get hundred and 85,000 people on your e-mail list unless you’re doing something right.

So Michael’s podcast is very well worth subscribing to and his website is very well worth reading as well. He has a ton of really great social media tips in there and you will learn loads listening to his podcast or reading his blog. So that the first person I strongly recommend to you.

This second person I want to tell you about is called Michael Hyatt. Now Michael’s blog is focused around the topic of  leadership, but he does podcast a lot of stuff about productivity. So, again, it’s well worth subscribing to his pod cast and then you get all his podcasts coming down and you can pick and choose the ones you want to listen to.

Again, Michael Hyatt has a large number of people following him – he’s got 281,000 subscribers on his e-mail list. That amount of popularity does not come easily. One thing is sure: if you listen to his podcasts you will be rewarded: there are a lot of good tips and a lot of positive stuff to listen to in your dead time. You really will get a massive numbers of ideas for keeping you efficient and focused on your daily tasks.

The third person I want to bring to your attention is Eric Fisher. He’s got a great podcast called Beyond The To Do List. I think that’s a brilliant name for a pod cast – it certainly grabbed my attention!

Now, Eric doesn’t actually have a blog as such he only does his podcast so you have to go and subscribe to his pod cast to get the information. But it is fantastic information. The first thing that grabbed my attention was that his latest pod casts is an interview with David Allen of Getting Things Done. Now, Getting Things Done is part of my favourite system for time management and I highly recommend it – o if Eric is interviewing David Allen that certainly is one thing recommends his pod cast to me for a start. David Allen is a great interviewee candidate.

And the rest of his podcasts are similarly focused strongly on getting you organised and making you more efficient. So that’s my third strongly recommended podcast and the final one for today.

So please go and subscribe to these three great podcasts get them onto iTunes and then get them into whatever your device is for listening to them.

You can of course listen to them on your computer but it’s much more convenient to put them on some sort of mobile device and then listen to them while you’re doing any repetitive work you have to do – for example while you’re driving, as I do, or perhaps when walking or on a train journey. In fact, any time you are able to some useful information.

If you don’t have an Apple device to listen on then you can Google how how to get iTunes data into a blackberry or into an android phone. It might take you a bit of time getting used to uploading podcasts to your device: but once you’ve done it a few times it goes like clockwork.

Here is the iTunes page for Social Media Marketing Podcast, if you haven’t done this before. You can either click on the arrow in the button which appears when you hover over each line to listen from your computer or you can click the: “View in iTunes” button underneath the image on the page and that will load the podcast into iTunes for you, opening iTunes on your computer. Then you can click to subscribe to the pod cast within iTunes. Once you’ve done that then you will receive the pod cast from then on automatically onto your iTunes whenever you open it up and you transfer it to your device when you connect it to iTunes.

Here’s a similar page for the This Is Your Life podcast, and finally here’s the page for Beyond The To Do List and they will work the same way. My recommendation is you view each one in iTunes and then subscribe to the pod cast and then whenever you’re on the road or whenever you’ve got some spare time you’ve got a whole bunch of brilliant podcasts you can listen to. What a fantastic use of spare time!

Now, I’m not saying you need to be working every second of the day – we all need rest and a bit of peace and quiet. But if you have any spare time which you’re happy to use educating yourself and listening to some very interesting speakers then this is the way to go.

I hope you enjoy these three brilliant podcasts and you learn as much as I have from them.

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