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Using Evernote On Devices

by on 03/06/2015

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More and more people are using Evernote on their devices. But what are the pros and cons of these – as opposed to using it on a desktop computer?

The answer is, it all depends on your work style and your working habits.

There is no doubt that Evernote on a desktop computer gives you best ease-of-use when it comes to:

  • Seeing everything on one screen
  • Being able to type easily
  • Having full use of the mouse to be able to navigate, filter and search faster

And there are a couple of slightly more technical advantages of Evernote for web or desktop, which only existing users will fully appreciate the value of:

  • Being able to select multiple tags (so more precise filtering is possible)
  • Easy creation of “Saved Searches”

These two features may or may not be important to you. Though if you are using Evernote for time management – as I do with my Timology system – the first of these two is important.

But devices have their advantages too.

The advantage of devices

The main advantages of Evernote on devices are:

  • Portability, and
  • Taking pictures

Portability means that you are able to have Evernote with you anywhere. This means that firstly you can look up data you need to know at any time. And secondly you can add notes to Evernote at any time too.

If you use Evernote for your time management then it means you are never far away from a list of your tasks – either to remind yourself what they are, or add to them. Read More


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The Urgency/Importance Matrix , said to have been used originally by President Eisenhower, is a simple way of arranging your tasks in four boxes depending on how important and urgent they are.

Quickly and accurately judging the urgency and importance of each task you have to do is an important skill when you have to juggle multiple tasks.

The matrix helps you by dividing tasks into four categories:

Urgent and Important

These obviously have to be done immediately or as soon as possible, or some other coping action has to be taken.

Non-Urgent and Important

These are tasks which are important for the long-term but not for the short term. Planning falls into this category. Most people would do well to give these tasks a higher priority.

Urgent and Unimportant

These are tasks which force themselves into your consciousness but aren’t of much benefit to you. Any repeated, unwanted interruptions fall into this category.

Non-Urgent and Unimportant

These are tasks which simply shouldn’t be done. If you find yourself doing them – they are the sort of things that might make you feel a little guilty, such as an excess of playing computer games. Read More


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I really enjoy finding new tools to improve my productivity and here are four of the best.

All four of these utilities speed up common tasks you perform on your computer – finding files, navigating to folders, starting programs, and performing other tasks – much faster.

All four of these have a right to be included in the Windows operating system. But they aren’t. They should be!

All four of them are operated using hotkeys which means that they are ready to go to work for you almost instantly.

These Tools Amazed My IT Technician

My techie is absolutely brilliant with fixing up my software and computer hardware. But even he is amazed with these four tools. I’ve shown him one or other over the past four or five months and each time he’s gone home and started using it. Even he is impressed!

If you are not doing so already – and I doubt you are – you really should be using all four of the utilities I show you in the video. They really will help you get more done.

Read More

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Tips for Time Management

Good time management is something which is very hard to achieve even by the best Internet marketers. Many good marketers have said to me: “gosh, that’s one thing I could do with – better time management”.

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A GTD Summary from David Allen

October 30, 2014
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This is a great GTD Summary (Getting Things Done) at a TEDx talk, and it’s given by David Allen, who developed this terrific time management system.

It’s classic David Allen.

He says that when we are in crisis we are really focused and often have the ability to make quick decisions. However, we are under stress.

The best outcome for Getting Things Done, as far as David Allen is concerned, is being just as decisive all the time – and without any of the stress.

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The Best IM Podcast

October 15, 2014
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This is the best IM podcast I have found. It’s from Amy Porterfield.

I am an avid listener to podcasts. I subscribe to them using the Downcast app on my smart phone, and then listen to them either via a Bluetooth speaker when cooking, etc, or plug them into the car stereo.

I’ve tried all the Internet marketing podcasts I can find, but there’s only one I like: Amy Porterfield’s.

So I’m left with podcasts on news and current affairs, stock market and shares, comedy – and Amy’s.

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Cialdini – Improve Your Copywriting

October 8, 2014
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Roberts Cialdini published the book “Influence” in 1984, showing how it was possible to improve your copywriting to powerfully influence your readers. Or influence anyone else – such as colleagues and your children.

Specifically, Cialdini dug into his 35 years’ experience and collected tons of scientific research to identify the six key principles which influence people.

These six key principles should be burned into the brain of every potential marketer.

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How to Master Sales Funnels

September 10, 2014
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The truth is, the sooner you master sales funnels, the sooner you are likely to be successful in Internet marketing.

A simple sales funnel usually sets out to give a free front-end product with an upsell to the paid product. (“Front-end” just means the first thing the customer gets hold of.)

There is no reason why you can’t create both of these products yourself without massive effort.

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How RSS Will Save You Time

September 6, 2014
Thumbnail image for How RSS Will Save You Time

Here is a great way in which RSS will save you time. A lot of time.

Or, from another point of view, you can use RSS to enable you to complete tasks which you otherwise just wouldn’t have the time to do.

So you get more done. Bingo!

So how do we save time with RSS?

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Better Time Management – Write It Down!

August 19, 2014
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For better time management and to use your time efficiently it essential to write down every single thing you have to do.

Of course, if it’s only going to take you two or three minutes to do it, then don’t write it down – just do it right now.

But it’s a big mistake to try to keep your “to dos” in your head.

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