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The truth is, the sooner you master sales funnels, the sooner you are likely to be successful in Internet marketing.

A simple sales funnel usually sets out to give a free front-end product with an upsell to the paid product. (“Front-end” just means the first thing the customer gets hold of.)

There is no reason why you can’t create both of these products yourself without massive effort.


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Here is a great way in which RSS will save you time. A lot of time.

Or, from another point of view, you can use RSS to enable you to complete tasks which you otherwise just wouldn’t have the time to do.

So you get more done. Bingo!

So how do we save time with RSS?


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For better time management and to use your time efficiently it essential to write down every single thing you have to do.

Of course, if it’s only going to take you two or three minutes to do it, then don’t write it down – just do it right now.

But it’s a big mistake to try to keep your “to dos” in your head.


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Jeff Walker came across the product launch method when he was selling a financial product – helping people to make money from stock market shares.

He just sort of worked it out himself, then later he found out that no-one else was doing it.

Since then his method has been successfully applied in pretty much every niche you can think of – from dog training to tennis coaching.


What is a Product Launch

July 15, 2014
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Once you have an effective and profitable sales funnel in place a product launch is definitely a next option.


To make more profit!

Your sales funnel should include your initial product plus one or two upsells (and maybe downsells).

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Three Favourite Tools I Use Every Week

July 8, 2014
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Jason Fladlien is one of my favourite Internet marketers. The reason is that he does one particular thing REALLY well.

He brilliantly “deconstructs” complex processes we all use in Internet marketing, makes them super-simple.

On top of that, his training products are a very reasonable cost.

Even today, I frequently reach for these training tools of Jason’s, when I want to write an article quickly and efficiently, write sales copy, or want clues on how to do a great product launch.

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How to Rotate A Video

July 1, 2014
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If you need to know how to rotate a video 90° I explore the ways to do it here.

The scenario: I have recorded a video on my smart phone of my exercise coach performing a move. I want to watch it later to check I am doing it right. I transfer it to my computer – and it plays sideways.


How do I turn it round a quarter of a turn quickly and easily?

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Mobile Evernote Essentials

May 27, 2014
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This post on mobile Evernote essentials might persuade you to make full use of Evernote – if you don’t already.

I combine Evernote with David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” system to make a brilliant time management approach – as I describe in this post.

But for many years I have used Evernote to store data of all sorts – from webpages to passwords to notes.

Up to a year or two ago Evernote was clumsy to use on devices. But more recently the device-based versions have improved a lot, making them definitely usable.

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Money making Strategies: Own Products

May 14, 2014
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If you sell your own products you can potentially get them to buy monthly, every month, for the next few years or so. That’s if you managed to craft a recurring products such as a membership.

It’s important to sell something that there’s a market for.

Your chosen market does not have to be large. When you are thinking of the world as your market even a small market can have a lot of people in it.

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Money Making Strategies: Affiliate Marketing

May 7, 2014
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Most people trying to make money online start off with affiliate marketing – selling other people’s products.

Getting this set up is a challenge in itself.

But once it is set up many people realise they are better off selling their own products.

This is not to say that affiliate marketing is a bad thing; it’s fine to start off with. But, long term, you are probably better off selling the products you make yourself.

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